In a world of franchised culture, there are still a few places on Earth to experience the way people used to live, play, trade, and worship. Although not always accessible or easy to reach, Noelia Madiedo has traveled the globe to find and photograph these unique places that break the mold and manage to survive despite the pressures of modern mass culture.



Her dream in high school and later college was to be a clinical psychologist. After graduating from Florida International University in Miami she went on to work with children as a behavioral modifica-tion therapist. It was an emotional roller-coaster ride for Noelia as classroom theory met the reality of working with autistic and disabled children.

Still loving her work helping children, but wanting to balance the hectic pace and years of mentally draining days, she took time out to visit the far East and the places she felt inexplicably drawn to—Nepal, Bhutan, the Himalayas. Once there, Madiedo fell in love with the landscape, the culture and the people living on the roof of the world. It was the spiritual connection she needed, and in her mind, there was no better way than photography to capture the essence of the people and places she grew to love so much. Noelia had found her purpose and her calling.

Having heard the siren call of the East, Madiedo, who was born in the Dominican Republic to a Cuban father and Dominican mother, moved to Singapore in 2010. It was a world away and far different from the Latin culture of her native DR and Miami, but it was the perfect launching pad for her travels to the destinations that are the backdrop for some of her most inspiring images.

Today, her photography attracts the attention of magazines, galleries and book publishers, and while the East still holds a special place in her heart, her photography now explores all continents, from the megafauna of Africa to the verdant landscape of the Cuban countryside and the frayed glory of old Havana. What’s certain, is that Noelia’s gift for spotting and capturing a scene transforms the everyday into the exceptional.