About Noelia Madiedo

After being a teacher and therapist for children with autism and disabilities, Noelia Madiedo embarked into a more spiritual path back in 2007 when she discovered the practice of Yoga while living in Argentina. Then she moved to Asia in 2010 with the need to learn from a culture that she was always drawn to as if it was part of her own lineage. Noelia’s encounter with photography and meditation happened to be at the same time. She started visiting buddhist places in the Himalayas (Nepal, Bhutan), practicing the knowledge and finding a mentor in photography who taught her the world and use of digital cameras. That was definitely her drive to go and experience the world intensely, she rapidly found magic in capturing moments of bliss in a photo. For Noelia photography was making her get out of bed to see the beginning and the end (sunrise and sunsets, stars and beyond) of the day, this was not only her drive but also meditation and a really beautiful journey where she met amazing teachers that impacted her life. But is no surprise that she finds both, her two children Omar and Iman, to be her biggest and main masters. Today Noelia serves as a meditation guide based in Miami bringing the knowledge of the East, in a space to find refuge within yourself, A (NAMO) Sanctuary. In her space she shares her photography that is linked completely with the concept of spirituality and at the same time she and her team provides meditative yoga practices and techniques as well as sound and light healing tools for reaching higher states of consciousness and tapping into the vast universe of possibilities.

Founder NAMO Sanctuary | Academy (Miami,FL)
Certified 200 hours Yoga teacher Vyasa (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana or S-VYASA)
Certified Pranayama and Meditation Teacher (AYA)
OM | Cyclic Meditation Facilitator (AYA)
Certified Kundalini Prenatal Yoga (The Khalsa Way)
Sound Healer | Gong ( Gong Avatar Academy Trainee)
Clinical Psychologist - Behavioral Therapist
Reiki Level 1& 2 Pranic Healing Facilitator