Full Sturgeon Moon 🌝 Teachings & Ritual

by Noelia Madiedo

Dear lovely earthlings:

The full Sturgeon Moon reminds us that the sooner we deal, the faster we’ll heal. Think few months back and reflect on your dreams and emotions during this time. How far have you come since? How do you feel at the moment when you look at yourself In the mirror? How is your ability to forgive and let go? 

The energy of Pisces reminds us to have faith, and surrender to the divine. What did you learn? How much have you grown emotionally? All that you’ve accomplished along the way, simply proves that the universe has your back. This times and with the moon is all about letting go, letting god, and surrendering to something so much greater than us. As if we needed more reason to love this process during this full moon go with the flow and follow the water…

Cleanse. Release. Reset. Any therapeutic containers it finds for itself are incredibly important to invest in. Visit often. Return to. This full moon is affirming the healing we have attempted. That’s the thing with healing: with no end, no perfect way of doing it, the most important principal to practice is giving it a repeated try.

Follow this simple ritual ↯

✺ Create an altar with

✺ Bowl of water

✺ Epson salt

✺ Flowers

✺ Black tourmaline or any crystals

✺ Spiritual Guides or any objects that have any meaningful to you.

✺ Palo Santo (Blesses) & Sage (Cleanse)

✺ Set a Board of positive praises.

✺ Medicine Buddha Mantra



↠ Place them on a tray so you can walk around your sacred space and remember to cut cord with salt and your bowl of water.
Follow prayer below for any specific person that has passed or that has hurt you in any given way (family member, friend, co-worker, ex, etc). Bless and cleanse your space and all the people.

↠ Give your crystals a full moon bath to clean their energy and recharge them with the light of this powerful lunation.

↠ Sit in meditation and take a couple of breaths and be present in this moment. Follow meditation guidelines

Essential oils blends for full moon:


Cardamom is one of the ingredients of my Full Moon Tea blend. Although the sweet spice is governed by Venus, rather than the Moon, I’ve always felt it is a lovely Full Moon herb. It is associated with intimacy, lust and romance, feelings that are often heightened at the Full Moon.


Eucalyptus is perhaps one of the most common essential oils and can be found in many skin care products and candles. It’s fresh, uplifting scent is associated with the Moon and health. Eucalyptus essential oil tends to come in several varieties so test them out and see which most appeals to you. (Young Living stocks Eucalyptus Blue, Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata).


Myrrh is an ancient scent, associated with spirituality and centeredness. It is often paired with Frankincense, which is associated with the Sun, making the Moon-ruled Myrrh its counterpoint. The two together are powerfully symbolic and smell wonderful, but can easily be used on their own as well.


Sandalwood is a powerful scent associated with purification and spirituality. The plant is ruled by the Moon and is also often used in incense or burned directly in wood form.

❁Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a great substitute for Rose when finances do not cooperate, as it too is ruled by Venus and has a sweet, floral scent. This flower is associated with romance, lust and sexuality, but also lends peace and calm to any atmosphere.

☯ Organ I am working with liver to balance Qi (life force)

Liver Exercise: 

Associated Organ: Gallbladder 

Element: Wood 

Season: Spring 

Negative Emotions: Anger, aggression

Positive Emotions: Kindness, generosity, forgiveness, self-expansion, identity

Sound: Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h (tongue near palate) 

Parts of the Body: Inner legs, groin, diaphragm, ribs 

Sense/ Body Substance: Sight, eyes, tears

Taste: Sour 

Color: Green 

↠Position and Practice

Become aware of the liver, and feel the connection between the eyes and the liver Place your arms at your sides, palms out. Take a deep breath as you slowly swing your arms up and over your head. Follow with your eyes.

Interlace your fingers and rotate your palms to face the ceiling. 

Push out at the heels of your palms and feel the stretch through your arms and into your shoulders. Bend slightly to the left, exerting a gentle pull on the liver.

Open your eyes wide and exhale the sound, “sh-h-h-h-h-h-h” sub vocally

☾ Meditation visualization follow up with Mantra.

Place all of your awareness and attention into your heart center.  Notice how you feel in this expanded state and with each breath move deeper and deeper into the feeling.  Stay with it…if your chest tightens relax and surrender into the breath. Allow the feeling of being surrounded in love to take you deeper into the experience.

Fully immersed in your heart’s frequency ask to become one with the Heart of Mother Earth and let the waves of her Divine Love bathe in and around you.  Let her raise your vibration into hers…breath and expand..breathe and expand. Speak to her of your gratitude for all she gives you everyday….thank her for your physical body so you may care and nurture her as she does for you.  Expand into the mineral kingdom and become one…….expand into the plant kingdom and become one…expand into the animal kingdom and become one…..expand into the human kingdom and become one with your brothers and sisters all around the planet…..now joyously expand into the angelic realm and receive your wings of DE-LIGHT

☾ Make a prayer of forgiveness and Thank You say:

I have forgiven you and you have forgiven me.

I thank you and you thank me.

Thank you so much!

There is no resentment between us.

I pray for your happiness and may you be happy everyday of your life.

Share your comments and let me know how can I help!

Happy 🌕 Full Moon


Noelia Madiedo