Full Moon Meditation

by rogerweb

Dear earthlings :

As the second full moon to fall after the autumnal equinox, this lunation is known as the full Hunter’s Moon by some Native American tribes. The Taurus full moon rises early, just after sunset, and will set around sunrise. It is the only night of the year when la luna will put on a celestial light show all night long.

Enlightenment isn’t measured by how long we can meditate, but that it’s enduring the crazy without losing our cool. Try to breathe through something that seems really murky and just plain crappy right now. Remember: it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign and represents the rational, responsible, and material sides to life, as well as the need to think about themselves and protect their own interests and stability before they think of others.

In various ways, Taurus’ energy is one that is self-seeking, thereby, deeply concerned with self-care and self-nurture as a way of maintaining balance, security, comfort, and ultimately survival.

With Venus in Scorpio, it’s she’s not going to just tell us what we want to hear but what we need to hear. So don’t expect everything to be sweetness & light in the realm of relationships this month as we may all hear & speak some truths that may be challenging to hear but needed for true intimacy & growth to occur.


Full Moon Meditation

Begin by taking a deep cleansing breath and relax.

Breathe in again very deep and with the exhale release away all interactions of the day……see everyone melting and dissolving until there is only this moment.

Deep breathe in hold for a moment and exhale releasing all expectations and thoughts of how this experience should be so it may unfold in perfection.

Deep breathe in hold for a moment and exhale giving yourself permission to fully surrender to the very fabric of our Universe……Divine Love.

Deep breathe in and allow your personal team of guides to come forward and surround you…..followed by any of the Ascended Masters that wish to join you….followed by the Angelic realm and any Galactic and Star Beings that are your support team.  Feel the waves of Divine Love washing over and through you…you feel safe and secure in this profound envelope of Transcendent Love and Wisdom.

From this place of expansion please receive the transmission from today’s channel.

Place all of your awareness and attention into your heart center.  Notice how you feel in this expanded state and with each breath move deeper and deeper into the feeling.  Stay with it…if your chest tightens relax and surrender into the breath. Allow the feeling of being surrounded in love to take you deeper into the experience.

Fully immersed in your heart’s frequency ask to become one with the Heart of Mother Earth and let the waves of her Divine Love bathe in and around you.  Let her raise your vibration into hers…breath and expand..breathe and expand. Speak to her of your gratitude for all she gives you everyday….thank her for your physical body so you may care and nurture her as she does for you.  Expand into the mineral kingdom and become one…….expand into the plant kingdom and become one…expand into the animal kingdom and become one…..expand into the human kingdom and become one with your brothers and sisters all around the planet…..now joyously expand into the angelic realm and receive your wings of DE-LIGHT.

Shift the word challenging into Sharing what you know. Open space because its from your heart. Do something you already know.


May you be blessed!