For the Healer Within

by Noelia Madiedo

How to Practice: Guidelines For The Healer Within

The humans have the built-in capability to create and sustain certain habits. The key is to allow time, assign time, or take time in your day for self-healing action.There is just one critical detail: you must actually remember to do the practices. Start implementing ten to fifteen minutes at a regular time each day, perhaps before breakfast, at lunch, or even during commercials on your favourite TV show. It can be that simple. Add a few moments of conscious practice, breathing and deep relaxation, just before sleep and for a moment when you awaken in the morning. Once you begin, your doubts will fade away. After just a little daily practice you will begin to feel the transformation in your life.

Guidlinese to begin Your Practice:

-Do some of these practices every day. Put them at the core of your life and build the rest of your daily activities around them. Consider them as important in your day as you do your daily routine from the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep. This will guarantee you the best results.

-Keep your practice simple and fun. Start with a few of the methods and add as you wish. If you push to do too much, these simple but powerful activities could become stressors for you and become more of a problem than a solution. So keep things simple and light as you begin. 

-Make up your own system, in the order, number, and pace of actual ways that motivates and accommodate your personal situation.

-Be the inventor of your practice. Nothing is new under the sun; all of this was created and arranged by someone at sometime in history. Now it is your turn to invent it to fit yourself. 

-Seek guidance and support, but avoid highly regimented systems and methods whose teachers infer that their approach is the “only” way. You are the greatest expert in your life. Allow your practice to help you become your own best teacher. The practice itself is the supreme teacher. - Find the right attire for your practice. Seek balance and comfort.

-Find the perfect spot for your practice. Generally people prefer an outdoor in nature but it could be a spot in your bedroom or den. Only you know where to be. Set yourself up for a great time with you. If going outside seems a mission, then know that your perfect spot is inside.

-Experiment with different times throughout the day at the beginning of your practice. Most people find it easier to do it first thing in the morning so they won’t find excuses and then end up never practicing. This is why I have noticed in Asia people like to go into the parks at 5: 30 or 6: 00 A.M. Thirty minutes early in the day and then little bits of practice integrated here and there can equal an hour of practice. It’s OK to do less; you could start with just ten or fifteen minutes for health maintenance. More is better for improving health or healing an illness. If you are ill, or with serious injury, please start slowly. 

-Do not leave the comfort zone. Increase the intensity of your practice only when it feels easy to do so. Build or regenerate yourself. Use this as your mantra “I can heal myself” “I can transform myself “
Do not over do it.

-Look for opportunities to practice with others. It is believed that people practicing in groups create a “field” of healing energy that all can draw on. Practice with others and see what you notice. 

-Focus on relaxing. The foundation of all self-healing, health enhancement, stress mastery, and personal empowerment is deep relaxation. Breathe in … Breathe Out

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