Full Sturgeon Moon 🌝 Teachings & Ritual

August 26, 2018
by Noelia Madiedo
Dear lovely earthlings: The full Sturgeon Moon reminds us that the sooner we deal, the faster we’ll heal. Think few months back and reflect on your dreams and emotions during this time. How far have you come since? How do you feel at the moment when you look at yourself In the mirror? How is your ability to forgive and let go?  The energy of Pisces reminds us to have faith, and surrender to the divine. What did you learn? How much have you grown emotionally? All that you’ve accomplished along the way, simply proves that the universe has your back. This times and with the moon is all about letting go, letting god, and surrendering to something so much greater than us. As if we needed more reason to love this process during this full moon go with the flow and follow the water… Cleanse. Release. Reset. Any therapeutic containers it finds for itself are incredibly important to invest in. Visit often. Return to. This full moon is affirming the healing we have attempted. That’s the thing with healing: with no end, no perfect way of doing it, the most important principal to practice is giving it a repeated […]
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